AudioSalad Delivery FAQ

Does AudioSalad provide solutions for DDEX delivery?

Yes, AudioSalad can deliver DDEX metadata in various versions of the Electronic Release Notification (ERN) specification. We deliver DDEX metadata to over 125 partners worldwide, including Spotify, YouTube, and other top DSPs.

Is AudioSalad an approved encoding house for Apple Music deliveries?

Yes, AudioSalad is an Apple encoding house and can deliver music on behalf of any Apple provider. Apple deliveries are visible within the provider’s iTunes Connect account, and any existing releases within the account can be updated via AudioSalad delivery.

Is AudioSalad an approved Merlin Network delivery partner?

Yes, AudioSalad works closely with the Merlin Network and delivers content on behalf of all available Merlin licenses. For more information, please review our Merlin FAQ.

Does AudioSalad delivery HD audio to DSPs?

Yes, AudioSalad supports storage and delivery of lossless audio up to 24-bit @ 192kHz.

Does AudioSalad deliver assets to third party YouTube Content Owners?

Yes, AudioSalad delivers sound recording assets and art tracks to YouTube. AudioSalad can plug into any existing YouTube CO for SRAV Partners and deliver assets using the latest DDEX specification.

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