Welcome to AudioSalad, the best-in-class digital multi-tool that allows you to manage your assets and metadata in a simpler, more efficient way.

With the help of our platform, take complete control of your content and share it with a wider network of partners and fans, safely and easily. Here’s a look into our suite of functionality, showing step-by-step tutorials of the platform’s main components.

    OSX Desktop App: the heart of the AudioSalad platform enables you to ingest media assets, assign metadata, transcode different audio file formats, model track participants, store multi-language liner notes, and much, much more. It’s also the place to easily deliver your content to third party services, saving you time and resources.

    B2B Web Portal: this component enables you to share all of your centrally-managed assets with marketing, licensing and sync partners, music supervisors, taste-makers and more, while providing you with the metrics to see where they are being viewed, played and downloaded.

    App for Shopify: an engaging platform where your physical and digital products can be quickly made available for customers and fans to purchase worldwide.

AudioSalad is a complex yet elegant system. The following videos provide a quick introduction to our platform; the starting point of a more fluid catalog management experience.


Browse Your Catalog and Edit Releases

The core functionality of the AudioSalad Desktop App is catalog management. This means giving your digital media assets and metadata an organized and elegant home base.

Have a glance at the Catalog Browser, which allows you to browse and edit these assets and metadata. Displayed is how to browse for an album to view and edit its top level metadata, rights info, track format and participants, as well as images related to the release, like covers. You can add text such as liner notes and lyrics, genre categories and territory restrictions. You may also select the releases to be added to the delivery queues of specific targets, set their prices, and also include any physical products that you wish to attach to the release.


Deliver Your Content to Third Party Services

With your assets and metadata under management in the platform, AudioSalad empowers users with additional functionality to manipulate and monetize content. One component of this is digital delivery to DSPs, distributors/aggregators and other utility partners.

This video goes through the Content Distribution function, demonstrating how you can select the distribution targets you would like to deliver your releases to and assign a price to them. Once you have your distribution queues ready, you can run them and your content will be delivered in a matter of seconds.


Showcase and Share Your Assets with Business Partners

The AudioSalad Web Portal enables you to share your centrally managed assets for B2B operations in a secure, private way. This is perfect for press releases, marketing campaigns, radio promo, as well as synch placement. Through projects and posts, you can keep anyone updated on your latest material.

Here we show how you can create a post to showcase your releases, tracks, and playlist from the Audiosalad Desktop App. Add any customizable description, as well as pictures and videos to go with it. Once your post is created, you can share its URL with the network of users to choose to give access to, and learn how many times it has been accessed, previewed or streamed.


Sell Your Digital and Physical Assets Online

AudioSalad’s integration with Shopify enables you to sell your content direct-to-customer via your own e-commerce store. In just a few clicks, you can seamlessly make AudioSalad assets available for sale worldwide on your website.

This is a demonstration of how, by using the ID assigned to your assets by AudioSalad, you can import your releases to your Shopify store and publish them for your fans to preview and buy. In a single process, all of your title variations and formats become available online.